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Michael Sumner is a PhD student at the University of Tasmania (IASOS and AWRU).
The PhD involves mapping the foraging behaviour of marine animals, using location estimation by Bayesian methods.

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2009 – 2007

Sumner MD, Wotherspoon SJ, Hindell MA (2009)
Bayesian Estimation of Animal Movement from Archival and Satellite Tags.
PLoS ONE 4(10): e7324. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0007324

Trebilco, R., Gales, R., Baker, G.B., Terauds, A. and Sumner, M.D (2008)
At sea movement of Macquarie Island giant petrels: Relationships with marine protected areas
and Regional Fisheries Management Organisations.
Biological Conservation 141(12):2942–2958

2006 – 2004

Kirkwood, R., Lynch, M., Gales, N., Dann, P. and Sumner, M. (2006)
At-sea movements and habitat use of adult male Australian fur seals (Arctocephalus pusillus doriferus).
Canadian Journal of Zoology 84: 1781–1788.

Page, B., J. McKenzie, J. M.D., Sumner, M. Coyne and S.D. Goldsworthy (2006)
Spatial separation of foraging habitats among New Zealand fur seals
Marine Ecology Progress Series 323:263–279

Field IC, Bradshaw CJA, Burton HR, Sumner MD, and Hindell MA (2005)
Resource partitioning through oceanic segregation of foraging juvenile southern elephant seals.
Oecologia 142:127-135

Bradshaw, C. J. A., M. A. Hindell, M. D. Sumner and K. J. Michael. (2004).
Loyalty pays: life-history consequences of fidelity to marine foraging areas by elephant seals.
Animal Behaviour 68: 1349-1360

van den Hoff J, Sumner MD, Field IC, Bradshaw CJA, Burton HR, McMahon CR(2004)
Temporal changes in the quality of hot-iron brands on elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) pups.
Wildlife Research 31:619-629

2003 – 2002
Sumner, M. D., K. J. Michael, C. J. A. Bradshaw and M. A. Hindell. 2003.
Remote sensing of Southern Ocean sea surface temperature: implications for biophysical models.
Remote Sensing of Environment 84(2): 161-173.

Hindell, M. A., C. J. A. Bradshaw, M. D. Sumner, K. J. Michael and H. R. Burton. 2003.
Dispersal of female southern elephant seals and their prey consumption during the austral summer:
relevance to management and oceanographic zones.
Journal of Applied Ecology 40 (4): 703-715.

Bradshaw, C. J. A., M. A. Hindell, K. J. Michael and M. D. Sumner 2002.
The optimal spatial scale for the analysis of elephant seal foraging areas as determined by
geo-location in relation to sea surface temperatures.
ICES Journal of Marine Science 59: 770-781

van den Hoff, J. H. R. Burton, M. A. Hindell, M. D. Sumner and C. R. McMahon. 2002.
Migrations and foraging of juvenile southern elephant seals from Macquarie Island within CCAMLR managed areas.
Antarctic Science 14: 134-145

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