John Hunter’s Home Page

John Hunter’s Home Page at the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre Phone: My research. Documents Package of papers for International Journal of Ocean and Climate Systems. Report: A Note on Relative Sea Level Change at Funafuti, Tuvalu. “Specification for Test Models of Ice Shelf Cavities”, Version 7 (ISOMIP specification document). Draft TASMARC manual. Software The OzPOM version …

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Phillip Reid’s ACE CRC work page

Phillip Reid – Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC) About my research I am a research scientist with the Bureau of Meteorology attached to the ACE CRC at the Hobart campus of the University of Tasmania. My main area of research is Antarctic Sea Ice. Much of the information on these pages is related to Antarctic climate …

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Ben Galton-Fenzi

Research scientist, Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) Leader, Cryosphere-Ocean Interactions Theme, Australian Research Council Antarctic Gateway Special Research Initiative. Co-Leader, Ocean Forced Evolution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Project, Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, University of Tasmania. Contact details Email: Telephone: Snail mail: c/- ACE CRC, Fax: Research interests Antarctic mass budget and sea …

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Michael Sumner Home Page

Michael Sumner is a PhD student at the University of Tasmania (IASOS and AWRU). The PhD involves mapping the foraging behaviour of marine animals, using location estimation by Bayesian methods. My CV: Michael_SumnerCV.pdf Links Manifold GIS user forum R R packages for trip data Thesis goodies Publications 2009 – 2007 Sumner MD, Wotherspoon SJ, Hindell MA …

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The Home of Steve George

Steve George’s Stuff Contact Information/History University of Canterbury (Christchurch, NZ) CPTEC (Centro de Previsão de Tempo e Estudos Climáticos, Brasil) CGAM (University of Reading, UK) MSSL (University College London, UK) Recent CV PDF   Steve George |